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Frequently Asked Questions About Baptism

Can My Family Be Baptized Together?

Yes, if each family member understands fully the meaning of baptism, and each one has personally placed his/her trust in Christ for salvation, we encourage families to be baptized at the same time.  It is a wonderful expression of commitment.  Young children who wish to be baptized are asked to meet with a Pastor or Ministry Leader for a pre-baptism conversation.

However, it is important to remember that baptism is a personal statement of faith, not a family tradition.  It is usually not wise to delay your baptism while waiting on other family members to accept Christ, particularly children.

What Should I Wear When I Am Baptized?

RCC will provide a T-shirt for you to wear.  Please wear dark colored shorts or pants.  Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and a plastic bag for your wet clothes.  There are restrooms available for changing your clothes prior to and after the baptism.

Who Will Baptize Me?

You will have the opportunity to choose who you would like to baptize you.  We feel it is important to give you the choice because you may have someone in your life who has invested a lot of time mentoring you and growing you towards your decision to follow Christ.  Therefore, we welcome you to choose a parent, a friend, a mentor, or your pastor.  At RCC, we ask that the individual who baptizes you be a Ministry Partner of RCC.  Also, unless it is a spouse, parent, or sibling we ask it be someone of the same sex.

How Will My Testimony Be Given?

You will be given an opportunity to record a testimony video so that you can tell your story! This is important for two reasons: first, it allows you to introduce yourself to the church and share how God is working in you and through you; second, it allows the church to welcome you and celebrate God’s movement in your life! Baptism is a celebration—and we have to know what we are celebrating!

Will I Have To Say Anything The Day Of?

No.  At the baptism service, someone will briefly explain the meaning of baptism.  You will wait backstage for your turn to be baptized.  At your turn for baptism, your video will begin playing on the side screens and you will be guided into the tub.  After your baptism, you can leave to change your clothes or watch the others. We encourage you to invite all your relatives and friends to attend your baptism.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baptism